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Our Network

Great Lakes Research Network (GLRN) is a group of community-based, research sites dedicated to enhancing access to clinical trials and accelerating the pace of clinical research. We are a multispecialty research network with a focus in metabolic conditions, infectious diseases, and vaccine trials.

Based in Detroit, we started as an inner city research site that provides access to clinical trials for medically-underserved and diverse populations. Today, we have expanded beyond the Great Lakes region to include research sites in the US-Mexico border.


Diverse Patient Population & Staff

* Access to both inner city, suburban, and border town populations.


* Clinical investigators with decades of building accessible patient populations.


* A diverse staff from many different communities and backgrounds.

State of the Art Facilities

·       Patient Concierge

·       Handicapped Accessible

·       Bilingual Coordinators

·       GCP-Trained Staff

·       Infusion Rooms

·       Monitored Exam Rooms

·       CTMS, eConsent and RemoteMonitoring Capabilities

·       Double Locked, Temp ControlledIP Storage

·       On-site Centrifuges

·       -70c Deep Freezers

·       Pharmaceutical Grade 4C and-20C Freezers


Concrete Wall

David LaHaie

Founder and CEO

David Lahaie is the founder and president of GLRN. He spent

a decade in biotech business development before building

multispecialty clinics. He is passionate in establishing and

operating efficient and high-enrolling research sites in

medically-underserved and ethnically-diverse communities.

His focus and expertise is in executing studies in novel

diagnostics, metabolic conditions, infectious disease and


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